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Are you interested in adding a new dog to your household? Pooch Match is here to help you find your best possible new best friend!

We have made a quiz, designed to help you find the dog breeds that match best with your lifestyle and preferences, so that your pup is exactly what you need.

Then, we take your breed matches, and find you adoptable dogs near you, in the breeds that suit your life. Are you ready to see what dogs are out there waiting for you?

Are you or anyone in your house allergic to dogs?

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How much experience do you have training dogs?

How much effort are you willing to spend on grooming your dog?

Do you prefer a dog that doesn't drool much?

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Do you have a yard for your furry friend?

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These are the breeds that match your specifications. Click on the breed name to see the adoptable pets with that breed!

About Us

Mark Reynoso

Mark hails from the Island of Whidbey in the great Pacific Northwest. He has found his way into the wonderful world of coding via non-profit fundraising and someday hopes to marry the two paths into some useful technology to benefit those in need. For fun, you might find Mark playing on his boat, hiking in the mountains, or just hanging out with his wife Janna and two little boys, Silas and Caleb.

Kinley Ramson

Kinley enjoys spending their time with their service dog, Asha, learning new things, coding, and spending time with their friends. They are an aspiring rationalist and a member of Seattle Effective Altruists. They also have a penchant for getting lost in the woods on purpose.

Brian Wheeler

Brian is originally from Arizona and is an aspiring developer aiming to seek out new challenges. Formerly a worker in IT for Snowflake Unified School District.

Daniel Pillay

Daniel was born and raised in Mountlake Terrace, Washington. He joined the Air Force in 2013 which led him to Japan and Oklahoma City. On his free time, he enjoys training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and watching combat sports. His aspires to graduate Code Fellows as a Full Stack JavaScript Developer.

Asha Ramson

I'm a service dog. Woof!